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Harmona Resort&Spa Zhangjiajie is  the Harmona Investment co., LTD., according to the national standards of five-star resort hotel a luxury villa ecological resort hotel. Hotel covers an area of 245 mu, the blue line control land 500 mu, a building area of 47000 m squared, hotel first phase investment of about 320 million yuan, is the city or county key construction projects. Hotel a total of 287 rooms, reception capacity of 100000 passengers. Expect new placement employment of 420 people, is located in the beautiful scenery of zhangjiajie in three officer temple floor. The hotel overall design to the essence of Chinese traditional culture, the "five lines of" gold, wood, water, fire and earth beginning and main source point for design. The hotel has 287 guest rooms of various types, with natural and graceful style of about 100 square meters garden between air restaurant and 7 don't xiangxi ethnic customs of the super large dining rooms, elegant and delicate water garden restaurant; Hotel conference facilities complete, the size meeting rooms and banquet venue, a total of about 1000 square meters, have received 5 a-class VIP VIP reception room, equipped with 30 square meters hd LED display and high-tech communications equipment, can accommodate 600 people meeting, and equipped with multimedia presentations, meeting tracking service system, advanced audio-visual, audio equipment; Hotel, with 300 parking Spaces, is equipped with business center, lobby bar, foot bath, SPA (In 2015), fitness center, beauty salon, chess &cards room, billiard room, table tennis room, yoga, outdoor tennis court, constant temperature, the outdoor swimming pool and other recreational facilities.



Sanguansi Town, Zhangjiajie City Hunan Province
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