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  • Golden Villas

    Noble and elegant, natural fashion.Mountain ecological waterscape rest area and British butler close-fitting service 24 hours a day, noble and fashio…More +
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  • Wooden Villas

    Build against the mountain, and various plants lean into your eyes. In the morning, enjoy ecological scenes and birds chirp; at night, experience …More +
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  • Watery Villas

    Green trees grow lushly outside the door, and the winding path leads to a secluded quiet place. In the morning, a ray of sunshine shines on the…More +
    Size: 51m²
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  • Flaming Building

    Leaning on the balcony to view the scene and to hear the warblers and the cry of birds. Surrounded by shrouded clouds to add a few tender feelings, a…More +
    Size: 51-55㎡
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Sanguansi Town, Zhangjiajie City Hunan Province
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