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Green water castle peak dependent, winding of hetian in fitness center overall architectural style is contracted, but do not lose poise. Material transformation nature, space connect and fluent. Qing li, pure beauty of the hotel fitness center stands in the center position, from all the large area of the hotel here is very convenient. Here reiki pungent, unique cultures and unique villa design reflects the rich variety of her characteristics. Here provide unique relaxation and leisure, health and care services. Here fascinates you, let you chun yan all show! Beautiful, luxurious hetian will let you in busy city recreation center in sheer enjoyment. Just like her name, harmony and relaxation is her main elements. Does she have enough reason to let your feet rest!

Here brought together hall, Spa Spa, massage feet of water, beauty salon, nail art hall, chess room, gym, billiards room, table tennis room, yoga, indoor constant temperature swimming pool, diet books, children's paradise, lounge, outdoor garden, also includes outdoor open-air pool and outdoor outdoor tennis court, really is everything. She has comfortable environment elegant, relaxed and happy making a person, can let a person enjoy unknowingly considerate at home, meticulous and high quality service.

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  • Outdoor tennis stadium

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  • Yoga Club

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Sanguansi Town, Zhangjiajie City Hunan Province
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